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Dεteяminεd Mind
Mother... we seek.
Recent Entries 
30th-Dec-2013 07:08 pm - [ ooc ] ♞ concrit post
→ [ yazoo ] [ s i l e n c e ]
→ Anything you want to say about my character
→ What I do great at what I suck at and what I need to improve on XD
→ So here x3 Fire away~
→ BE honest I dislike it when you sugar coat words.
→ IP will be turned off and Comment screenings will be on as well as anonymous if you really want it.
6th-May-2010 09:51 pm - [ ooc ] ♞ overall permission post
→ [ yazoo ] [ s i l e n c e ]
Rating: G - NC17.
Death: Possible yes, but discuss it with me beforehand
Death Count: 0
Power Level: 7/10
Smut: Sure, but it has to be leading somewhere. Not pointless.
Allowing: Heterosexual, Yaoi, Yuri is fine. (Though there's no possible yuri with Yazoo lmao unless he magically becomes a chick xDDD)
Suite: 39C
6th-May-2010 09:50 pm - [ ooc ] ♞ mun contact
→ [ yazoo ] [ s i l e n c e ]
OOC Information:
Name: Tarei
Age: 18
AIM: xShadowYumex
MSN: Dreamliteshadow@hotmail.com
Y!M: N/A
E-MAIL: dreamliteshadowz@yahoo.com
→ [ yazoo ] [ s i l e n c e ]
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